Jellycat Book


  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a floppy, hoppy bunny? Well, this mischievous story comes complete with a special pom-pom tail to stroke whilst you read! If I Were A Bunny is sure to set noses twitching at bedtime!
  • Let’s get creative with the If I Were A Bunny Board Book! Little ones can learn about their flopsy friends with this gorgeous feely book. From velvety fur to a soft white bobtail, tots will love playing with its texture and colour. Cute illustrations, fleecy pink ears - it’s everything we love about beautiful bunnies!
  • It’s time to get our thinking quacks on! The If I Were A Duck Board Book is a story and a short game all in one, letting toddlers imagine what kind of duck they’d be! Explore different textures on these playproof pages and stretch those imaginative wings! One, two, three - bedtime waddle!

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